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Stream Town is a real-time strategy and city builder game where Twitch streamers and their viewers can create beautiful towns, collect resources and defend against monsters.

Every viewer can create their very own character in your world. From there, the game can be played entirely by your Twitch chatroom – even if the streamer leaves for days, the chatroom can take full control of Stream Town!

Find out more and try the game for yourself on the official Stream Town Twitch channel.


By typing commands in your Twitch chat, players can:

  • Create a character
  • Switch between unique player roles, including Fisher, Soldier, Farmer and more
  • Place buildings anywhere in the world
  • Customise their character
  • Vote for Town Goals to advance the town's technology
  • And more!


  • Tech tree with unique branches for unlocking buildings and advancing your town's citizens
  • Dynamic day and night system – beware of the enemies that come at night!
  • Four seasons that affect resource production – can you stock up enough to survive the winter?
  • Boss fights when other streamers raid your Twitch channel – the more viewers they bring in, the tougher the fight!
  • A whole list of other silly events! Praise the Fish God!

Plus additional planned content coming soon!


  1. Download and open Stream Town.
  2. Click "New Game".
  3. Enter your Twitch username and click "Confirm".
  4. After the world has loaded, type !connect in your Twitch chat, followed by the number code that the game provides, e.g. "!connect 123456".
  5. If necessary, type "/vip StreamTownBot" in your Twitch chat to ensure the bot's messages appear.


Jayden Hunter – Project Lead, Lead Programmer | Portfolio
Andrew Nardi – Producer, Designer, UI Artist, Marketer | Portfolio
Ben Lindridge – Lead Artist, Tech Artist | ArtStation
Ben Babicka – Designer, VFX Artist, Tech Artist, Programmer | Portfolio
Declan Doller – Programmer | Portfolio
William Trimble – 3D Artist | ArtStation
Isabella Kovac – 3D Artist | ArtStation
Aaron Hunter – 3D Artist | ArtStation
Lam Nguyen – Animator | ArtStation
Leahanna Crimmins – Music Composer | Instagram
Francisco Inigo Garde – Sound Designer

Panda Belly, 2022


Stream Town 0.23.1.zip 158 MB


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Hello, I love the game. Although I haven't played it much. I had a problem, I loaded my Twicht account wrong and I can't connect to the chat room, that is, the "!connect" sign does not disappear from my screen. How can I restart the game to put another twicht account?

Congratulations on the job!

(1 edit)

Hi Oscar! Sorry we didn't see your comment until just now. You should be able to open the game, click Settings (from the title screen menu), then Connection and change your Twitch username from there. You can't access this menu after you've already loaded a world, as that would cause problems. Once you've changed your Twitch username and started a new game, you should be prompted to connect to your Twitch channel. 🙂 Let us know again if you have any problems!